Macchine di gioco a gettoni della galleria di pesca della Tabella del pesce per il casinò

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Places that encourage them to leave home for shopping instead of using their phones and ordering online. This is the challenge that the retail world is facing in these years, a theme that we have treated extensively in this issue see the articles from page 56 to page The online sales growth statistics speak for themselves. Retailtainment and the strategies to be implemented to compete with e-commerce by turning in-store purchasing into memorable experiences were at the center of the debate in mid-November at the French edition of Mapic, the international trade fair for the commercial real estate market held in Cannes. Numerous meetings were dedicated to the topic. Lots of shopping destinations have evolved today to include not only shops and restaurants but also cultural spaces and next generation entertainment. In the UK the Intu Lakeside shopping center, on the outskirts of London, has collaborated with the gaming company HYPD on a new gaming arena, to transform an area of 85sqm into an immersive experience. More and more often retail facilities are intertwined with accommodation facilities, integrating with other services. A good example of this type of development comes from a project of the Downtown Hotel Corp.

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What are escape rooms? We have talked about this entertainment form before in our magazine: it is a sort of role-playing game for groups of 2 to 6 people. The aim is to be able to escape from a room through a closed door within a time limit. The participants obtain the key by solving a series of clues of various kinds - mathematical, logical, musical, physical and so on - and interacting with the objects they find around the room and the environment housing the experience. Obviously at the essenziale of the success of one or the other escape room there are original designs, sophisticated puzzles, exciting plots and therefore a great professionalism. And yet the fact that this industry does not require large investments for space and for set-ups has led to a lot of improvisation. The unfortunate Polish girls had chosen the escape room to celebrate one of their birthdays.

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