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April 16 2004

Anteprima Aunt Hilda! Si ringrazia Sercom Ser Data Bologna. A tutto questo si aggiungono le numerose anteprime cinematografiche e i concorsi internazionali di lungometraggi e cortometraggi, a cui ogni anno aderiscono autori e produttori provenienti da ciascuno nazione: un Festival da seguire insieme grande divertimento. The 16 th edition of the Future Film Festival has arrived. By now it is a fixed appointment for the city of Bologna, a unique event in all of Italy, which each year, presents the latest innovations in cinema and digital technology, with an array of screenings and conferences with directors and special effects technicians and not only for a public of specialists or aficionados but above all for families and children. Established in the Future Film Festival was the first of its kind in Italy and it is the most important today in the fields of both traditional and digital animation. In addition to this it is also an international center for professionals to exchange ideas and innovations.

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