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Body to body massage massage virum

body to body massage massage virum

12 Oct - If you already have a cold, lying facedown on the couch and receiving a massage will make the symptoms of your cold worse, not better, essentially flooding your body with the virus at a time when it is putting all its resources into fighting it. It can also be very uncomfortable, especially with sinus or head pain. Massage releases stored toxins in the system and flushes them out quickly. Sounds great, right? Absolutely, however during sickness, the body is already overloaded waging war on the virus. If the body then has to continue that war yet wage a new battle to remove newly released toxins, you could not only feel much worse. 15 Jan - If you have a fever, massage is systemically contraindicated. A fever is a sign that your immune system is working to kill off an infection, virus, or anything else that has gotten into your body and doesn't belong. Generally having a fever is a good thing because it is a sign that your body is taking care of you.


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Body to body massage massage virum - inden

If your skin is already sensitive to touch and fever is involved, a nice hot bath and bed rest may be the better option. Today I called clients and gave them an option. Having said that, I regularly use antibacterial and anti-viral cleaning agents and oils after EVERY client to quickly minimize the spread of infection before the next session begins. body to body massage massage virum

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